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Mini Gold Cornicello

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The Cornicello (also known as the Italian Horn) is a traditional Italian symbol of good luck, believed to offer protection against malocchio (the evil eye or misfortune). Favored in Southern Italy, they are often cast in coral, gold, or silver, and hang above doorways or as amulets of protection around the neck.

  • Handmade in Florence, Italy
  • Silver plated in gold
  • Hangs from a 16 inch stainless steel chain necklace
  • Each item comes with a limited edition Souvenir pouch

    Care Guide

    As with all gold plated jewelry, it’s best to remove pieces when bathing or exercising, and try to reduce exposure to water and moisture as much as possible. Always store in a cool, dry place (tip: our Souvenir pouch is perfect for this), and gently wipe down after each use with a soft, dry cloth.

    Payment & Shipping

    We accept Paypal, GCash, and Bank Transfer. Orders are dispatched within 2-3 business days. For any questions, please contact us.

    Returns & Repairs

    Due to the nature of each vintage and pre-owned item, all sales are final. If you would like to reach out for repairs or re-plating/cleaning services for past purchases, please feel free to contact us.